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Does your coffee have mold in it?

Nov 29, 2023

Does your cofee have mold it? 
It sounds disgusting - doesn't it?  

Mold that develops in coffee is referred to as mycotoxins, or toxins that are produced by molds.

Unfortunately, a lot of coffee being sold on the market contains these toxins, and over time increases your risk of poisoning and disease. They may also cause chronic health concerns. In fact, mycotoxins are what cause indoor mold contamination, which can happen in old, damp or poorly ventilated spaces.

Some chemicals produced by molds can affect your health, and some have even been used as pharmaceutical drugs.
This includes the well known antibiotic penicillin.

So, it’s important to understand that there are many kinds of mycotoxins.
The ones relevant to coffee beans are Aflatoxin B1 & Ochratoxin A. Aflatoxin B1 is known as a carcinogen and is known to have harmful effects on the body. Ochratoxin A has been studied as much, but it is believed to be a weak carcinogen that could be harmful to the kidneys.

Understand that you are regularly exposed to trace amounts of harmful substances, including mycotoxins. What’s more, your liver neutralizes mycotoxins, which means they do not build up in your body as long as your exposure remains low.

Still, if you want to minimize your risk only drink fresh, quality coffee and store it in a dry, dark, cool place. (Don’t put it in the refrigerator…as coffee absorbs moisture and odors).

Most mass produced coffee beans (even organically sourced beans) are chemically treated for mold. The chemicals used are actually worse for the body than the natural growing mold. (This is one of the reasons why coffee has gotten a bad rap and deemed not good for you).

Good For You Coffee Club coffee beans are not chemically treated. Our natural artisan roasting process is designed to kill off the harmful molds that are present.
If you are concerned about the nutrition and wellness benefits of coffee, also avoid adding refined sugars, and heavy or flavored creamers.

This will help keep your coffee in a more natural state that is Good For You!
Have you tried Good For You Coffee Club coffee?

Why were you willing to give it a try?
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